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Join millions of people who enjoy shopping for the best value and help make smarter buying decisions.

Navigating each consumer's many shopping options can be a challenge. You may need hundreds of hours of wasted time to figure out the best software to learn a new language, find the best meal delivery plan to suit your lifestyle and diet or figure out which air purifier is best suited to freshen the air in your room. 

But instead of overwhelming you and forcing you to do the work yourself, our blog analyzes the decisions of similar users and reviews from various sites to provide you with the best recommendation for exactly what you're looking for and we post it here.

We search and scour forums, reading consumer reviews on even the most basic household items, and summarize this information into clear and accurate comparisons. Our rankings may change from time to time based on the data we analyze to identify the best-performing products and tailor recommendations to exactly what our readers are looking for.

We created Ken's Shop Guide to help consumers make smarter buying decisions. Our goal is to highlight useful, data-driven information that helps our readers spend their money wisely and find the right product to meet their specific needs.

Your online purchases are important to us. We have built our business by showing customers the best possible products and services. 

The aim of the blog is to connect products to people and direct them quickly and efficiently, providing targeted and useful information to make it easier for you to make the best purchasing decision for what you are looking for.

Why we do it

 Our blog is based on helping people. On one level, the information on our sites helps people find the products they're looking for. But that's not all that's important to us: we're also focused on giving back to our community. It's important to us that this service helps make the world a better place.

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